RollingStone, February 21, 2018 and Its Owner Exposed for Harassing an Estimated 90 Women, 2 Universities, and Defrauding the Italian Government Twice.


 “90 women were repeatedly contacted and suffered cyber stalking by  [Evidence-based review]… Cyberstalker appears in seemingly innocuous Facebook pages and then contacts women who belong to these same groups, trying to ruin their careers and reputations.”  (ACCORDING TO ROLLING STONE ITALIA, THE "PHANTOM" CANDIDATE OF FREE FLIGHTS TO ITALY IS A SERIAL OFFENDER,, 2018)

“About 90 females, (almost all of them in the academic world) are systematically falsely accused of fraud, of pretending to be professors, of being sexual predators, of extorting money through virtual blackmail and more. These defamatory pages on the Macario site (evidence-based review)  are hidden and accessed only through Google, by typing the name of the targeted women. Many of them (Elena, Federica, Silvia, Mellissa ...) have contacted lawyers.” (Rolling stone, 2018)

Publications Exposing Owners Crimes: